Pulmonologist has probably the most exciting and advanced air purifiers on the market today. This company firmly argues that their air purifiers are the healthiest and cleanest there is. Pulmonologist air purifiers are the only ones to be developed by lung doctors who are at the forefront of battling the harmful effects of air pollution. Designed for their major health benefits, their line of air purifiers is packed with features from CADR ratings to even Ultra-quiet Operating Systems. From reducing asthma and allergy triggers to preventing contamination of deadly substances, their air purifiers are beneficial in any commercial and residential environment including schools, hospitals, offices, and businesses. Pulmonologist air purifiers are famously known for helping to eliminate radon gas from homes, as well as offices and schools. This can prevent the development of lung cancer.

The research and testing that was done on these devices has made it possible for them to create the best air purifier.

Pulmonologist air purifiers are engineered to improve your lungs every single day. The more you use them, the better your health gets. Pulmonologist air purifiers are based purely on documented studies. Every other company makes claims that seem baseless but, Pulmonologist has a compiled list of medical benefits rooted in their philosophy. This is important for any company to succeed in the industry and on our bestseller list.

In a study posted on CNN, researchers found that the boundary layer air, which feeds the lower clouds over the Southern Ocean, was free from aerosol particles produced by human activity -- including burning fossil fuels, planting certain crops, fertilizer production, and wastewater disposal. This means that absolutely clean air still exists, and with that knowledge we can greatly improve on the way we make purifying devices used indoors. For this reason, the top models from Pulmonologist has been named after the Southern Ocean.

Highlighted features of the Southern Ocean 9 plus:

    • Ultra-quiet operating system
    • Multidirectional airflow detection
    • Nano-antimicrobial filter
    • 360 airflow system
    • True HEPA filter

    Just like the latest smartphones on the market, Pulmonologist Southern Ocean 9 plus ties together its beautiful design with an unmatched 7.5-inch diameter LED touchscreen display for an easy-to-use experience.


When it comes to efficiency and usage, Pulmonologist air purifiers have the exposure and knowledge to make your life a little easier every day. Their devices are packed with features that are necessary for combating air pollution in your home. Their pricing and customer service is extremely affordable and has proven to be competent. Being developed by doctors who care for people with respiratory issues is a huge plus. Not only does their air purifier cleanse the air, but it also produces a calming sound. It’s so soft and soothing that it hums you to sleep. Though there are many ways to circulate the air in your home, the best solution is to use an air purifier that can circulate the air about 6 times a day, and Pulmonologist has that air purifier.